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  • How to Get Bulletproof Motivation AND Stay That Way Even When Things Seem Impossible
  • ​Eliminate Procrastination From Your Life With This Little Known Secret
  • Unlock Laser Focused Self-Awareness So You Can Finally Get Out Of Your Own Way

Everything You Need For Lasting Transformation All In ONE Place...

Here's What You Get Inside the Personal Transformation MasterCourse...

The Personal Transformation Framework Helps You...
  • Simply Identify Your Personal Roadblocks That Have Been Holding You Back For Years
  • ​Begin to Rebuild Your Faith So You Can Put It Into Action
  • Live a Life You Love and That Others Barely Recognize
In this epic Master Course, I'll walk you through the "Re-Creation Roadmap"... a 6 module training that will take you from self-sabotage to powerhouse woman!
Follow each step of recreating yourself starting with getting out of your own way...

Your Truth

In this section I GIVE you the exact keys to rediscover who you are and to use that as fuel to transform your life. Inside you'll learn...
  • How to Get Bulletproof Motivation AND Stay That Way... Even When Things Seem Impossible
  • ​Eliminate Procrastination From Your Life With This Little Known Secret
  • Unlock Laser Focused Self-Awareness So You Can Finally Get Out Of Your Own Way

Baby Steps

Learn my “secret hacks” for becoming a tycoon of progress and success in all areas of your life. This will help you make leaps and bounds of progress in just weeks that most will never see in years walking the path alone.
  • How to Ensure You Never Fail to Hit Your Goals... Ever Again
  • ​Learn to Share Your Truth Unapologetically and Finally Discover Power In Truth Using These Simple Steps
  • How to Unlock REAL Change In Any Area Using This Simple Secret to Investing In Your Greatest Asset

A Healthier You

REAL transformation needs fueling. That's why this section is all about easily upgrading your body and mind to perform at levels you haven't felt since... well ever! You'll finally be able to get the body you've always wanted while further steeling your mind and resolve.
  • How to Create The Perfect Health and Fuel Game Plan... Custom Designed For You
  • ​Leading While Bleeding - The One Secret That Changed Everything For Me and Helped Me Get My Dream Body
  • Discover Your Purpose So You Can Finally 10x Your Body Easier Than Ever Before

Rewire Your Brain

In this section I HELP you identify the stories that have been keeping you in limbo for years. I'm going to breakdown and walk you through the exact system I used to help me take back my power.
  • Eliminate Self-Sabotage Using These Few Simple Steps to Create Your New Belief System
  • ​How to Finally Erase Inadequacy and Low Self Esteem That Have Held You Hostage For Years

Your Passion Project

At this point you'll already be in a powerful state. So in this section I'll show you how to fan the flames of that new power you found to further boost your new life!
  • The Biggest Reason Why You Haven't Been Successful Yet and How to Change the Game
  • ​Discover the Secret to Goal Setting That Sets Your Desire and Will Power On Fire
  • How to Create and Leverage Micro Impacts to Propel You Towards Perpetual Success

The REAL You

Once you've made powerful transformations, keeping them is the biggest challenge for many. That's why in these lessons you'll discover powerful techniques that will help you continue to be a powerhouse.
  • The #1 Reason Why Most People Lose Momentum and How to Eliminate It 
  • ​How to Make YOU a Priority Beyond the MasterCourse So That You Continue to Hit Your Goals Daily
  • And So Much More!



($494 Value)

PLUS! These Exclusive Bonuses...


Transformation Workbooks

  • Fill In the Blank Worksheets Help You Take Solid Steps on Your Journey to Real Transformation
  • ​Easily Identify Your Personal Path to Change
  • Real Progress Without Letting Past or Present Obstacles Get in Your Way
($177 Value)

Monthly Mentor Meetups

  • These Online Meetings Are the Secret For You to Get Personal Help From Me (Elizabeth)
  • ​Breakthrough Any Obstacles That You Can't See Yet
  • Level Up Your Life and Live Life Fabulously!
($497 Value)

The Power House Community

  • This Community of Women Makes It Simple for You to Get Support from Women Just Like You on the Same Path to Transformation
  • ​Feel Safe and Empowered as You Share Your Progress
  • Stay Consistent With a Community of Women Behind You Pushing You to Success
($199 Value)

Recommended By Powerhouse Women

What Are Others Saying?

"I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Elizabeth. I have taken a few of her courses and they have transformed my life in so many ways. As a transformational speaker, she speaks to the hearts of her clients in a simple and authentic way. She has inspired me to set higher standards for myself and to believe that everything I have ever wanted for myself is 100% possible. Seriously, there are no words that can describe how life changing this course was for me. It is a MUST! You will LOVE it."
"Elizabeth is a special type of person. You know that God sent this person into your life when you love them even before you even meet them in person or know their story. She brings life, energy and positively into your life. She has this beautiful aura about her that draws you to her. She is constantly teaching, driving and motivating everyone while providing great knowledge and meaning and understanding. Her course has helped to transform my mindset and life on so many levels.  
One thing I can say that I've learned from Liz is that, That you are incharge of your own life and your own happiness. Never settle for less and to be grateful. That affirmations... are more than just words."
Lina Brandao
"I have been a part of Elizabeth’s community and programs for quite some time now and she never fails to amaze me. She has created a beautiful place for women from around the globe, to come together and vision, plan and execute a life they desire. Elizabeth’s teachings, messages and experiences inside the course were exactly what I needed at this time in my life. The workbooks and worksheets worked extremely well for me in regards to getting everything out of my head and onto paper. Her teachings are simple and speak right to the heart. I continue to watch one lesson a day to get inspired all over again!"
Klaudia Aliu
"Enrolling into Elizabeth's course shifted my mindset on so many levels. She has inspired me to see the best in me. Her energy is infectious and she speaks from her heart. Elizabeth's way of speaking and teaching inspired me to live in my truth and to always make time for self-care. As a busy mom, wife and career woman, that hasn't always been easy. However, today, I can't see my life without it. Like Elizabeth, I am on a mission to contribute to the healing of this world."
Adrianna Max
"What’s not to love? Elizabeth is super real and relatable and speaks to your heart:s desires when it comes to wanting more for yourself. I was in a rut when I found this course and just a few lessons in, I started to feel a huge shift. And most of all, I feel like my dreams are more than possible now."
Mariana Da Costa
"Elizabeth’s course is by far one of my favourite out of the many personal transformation courses I’ve taken. Not because it was fancy and full of fluff. It was real, easy to follow along with and the messages I needed to snap out of it. I had been in a funk for a long time and I have now taken control over my unhealthy habits and the choices I make in regards to my well-being. Elizabeth shares and teaches from a place of ‘experience’ and not just something she read in a book or learned in school."
Nerrisha Ali

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Smash Through Obstacles and Thrive With the Personal Transformation MasterCourse!

Elizabeth Correia, Women’s Empowerment Mentor, Transformational Speaker and Author 

I’m Elizabeth Correia, Author of If You Played in My Playground and Founder of Elizabeth Correia Enterprises. Before healing and discovering my purpose in my mid 30’s, I believed my past, my story, would hold me back from fulfilling my destiny. 
After years of unforgiveness, feeling unworthy and an emergency brain surgery, I realized what I really desired: to share my gifts and story, make a difference in people’s lives and enjoy my life to the fullest! And that’s when I embarked on this incredible healing journey that has transformed my life….from the inside.
I didn’t create my success by ‘hoping’ things would change. I created this world (I now live in) by taking care of my health, my finances, spending quality time with family, creating and enjoying the beautiful things in life, and most importantly—doing the life-changing work I am meant to do in the world.
From that space, this video course was born!
I am so excited to share with you the same lessons that have truly transformed my life, health, finances, career and relationships.
After you've gone on this journey of transformation, keeping it going is essential. What better way to stay powerful than connecting with your sisters on the same path as you?
  • Women Who Want More Out Of Life
  • ​Women Who Desire to Heal From The Inside Out
  • Women Stuck In A Rut Looking to Get To a Higher Level
  • ​Women Searching For Their Passion and Purpose
Through a series of video lectures, exercises and action steps, you'll learn exactly how to transform your habits so that you can start to eat, move, work and live healthier.
  • Gain The Confidence, Clarity AND Belief That You Can Achieve Anything You Put Your Mind To
  • ​Empower You to Think More Positively, Organize Your Life, and Manage Your Time
  • Start Living With Purpose, Forgive The Past, and Create Your Life Plan
  • ​Wake Up With Passion and Purpose Every Single Day

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$1,367 ONLY $97

Prices Shown In USD

Smash Through Obstacles and Thrive With the Personal Transformation MasterCourse!

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